Where do your products come from?

All our products come from very reputable manufacturers all over the world, including Mitrani USA and Megius Italy. Prior to selecting and approving a supplier, our Managing Director personally inspects the products to ensure consistent top quality, latest patents, reliable warranty and competitive pricing.

What if I need parts, do you hold stock of parts?

Yes we do have a supply of parts in stock and we will do our upmost to assist with this matter.

How long have you been in business?

Our Company was established in 2010.

What are your Customer Service standards?

  • We will always deal with you openly and honestly throughout our relationship.
  • Accuracy & commitment on delivery times.
  • When the product is in stock, we can get it to you at the earliest possible time.
  • Where the product is not in stock we will advise you when the product will be expected to be received and when it is actually received.
  • We will answer any queries you have promptly, by telephone or email, whichever method is more appropriate for you.
  • We price our products extremely competitively for this quality of product.
  • We will advise you honestly of your requirements, without focusing on the big sale.
  • We will deal with any problem or complaint promptly and to the fullest of our capability.
  • Above all, we will make you our next satisfied customer.

What type of glass is in your products?

All our products are made of safety toughen glass. 

Good Points to Know

The glass should be handled with care, a damaged edge or scratched surface can in exceptional cases cause the glass to crack suddenly. However, never into sharp fragments, only into small pieces.